Online Dictation Practice

Well, yes… I understand that sitting down for a couple of dictations is not what you had in mind for your evening. However, dictations are a great help to learn vocabulary in context and to improve both your listening as well as your writing skills. And these online platforms offer you the chance to practice them without your teacher (e.g. me) looking over your shoulder all the time.

The English Club

Listen and Write

Check this out! BBC Learning English on Youtube… with snakes!

The BBC Youtube channel offers a wide range of language videos. Learn new vocabulary and practice your grammar by watching the short news clips specially designed for English learners.

Need an example? In this video about a snake café that has just opened in Tokyo you will learn the words/expressions not for the faint-hearted, venomous, conservation and reputation.

Q1 Vocabulary list No.3 (gk18)

Please learn the following vocabulary. Regarding the different field sizes and camera perspectives, you should be able to match them with an appropriate definition (similar to your worksheet). As for the concepts, you should be able to define the terms in your own words. For our context the term ’suspense‘ is used in Alfred Hitchcock’s sense of the word.