Project ‚tutorials‘

In this post you will find the handouts and further information for our project on making tutorials. As always: If you find good material (good tutorials, recommendations for software to make tutorials, etc.), post it in the comment section.


  • project requirements (info on what you are supposed to do, deadlines, etc.)
  • worksheet project description
  • worksheet script script
  • !!! here you can find a copy of the final report you will receive when I evaluate your projects !!! read it carefully BEFORE you finish your project !!!

Useful material:

  • General information: Very useful information on how to make tutorials (in German)
  • Screencast: This website presents six different applications for screencast tutorials. They also offer a very good, but also veeeery detailed brochure on why and how to use screencasting, including useful tips for improving the sound quality (in German).
  • Cartoon: This free online software lets you make cartoon tutorials. But beware, although it’s fun to use, you cannot download your finished result and one might waste a lot of time playing around. However, if this is the tool for you then you have to find out how to upload your tutorial and send me the link.

Check this out! BBC Learning English on Youtube… with snakes!

The BBC Youtube channel offers a wide range of language videos. Learn new vocabulary and practice your grammar by watching the short news clips specially designed for English learners.

Need an example? In this video about a snake café that has just opened in Tokyo you will learn the words/expressions not for the faint-hearted, venomous, conservation and reputation.