Big Data – You’re not the customer, you’re the product! (The Horrors of Utopia III)

People have always been fascinated by cutting-edge technology. Nowadays, you don’t even have to pay for the latest tools and gadgets that the tech industry has in store for us. However, the ‚free‘ tools come at price: our privacy.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp: You’re not the customer, you’re the product!

Does artificial intelligence make our lives more comfortable or are we slowly drifting into a dystopian world?

Big Data – A Threat to Democracy? (The Horrors of Utopia II)

What do whistleblower Edward Snowden, UKIP politician Nigel Farrage and Donald Trump have in common? Big data played a crucial part in their career lives.

General information about big data

  1. „Big Data“: A definition
  2. The ‚Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung‘ published a magazine about big data.

Big data – a threat to democracy?

  1. Mass surveillance: Whistleblowers argue that „I have nothing to hide“ is a dangerous attitude when it comes to mass surveillance: See an interactive website about the whistleblower Edward Snowden and the NSA files (The Guardian)
  2. Elections: Can big data be used to influence elections and thus undermine the bedrock of democracy?

George Orwell „1984“ (The Horrors of Utopia I)

General information about the author


Newspeak in real life: See the interview with the former counselor of President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, in which she coined the term ‚alternative facts‚ when confronted with an obvious falsehood stated by the then Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Many people were so shocked to witness this mind-boggling example of Orwellian newspeak in real life that the sale of Orwell’s dystopian novel surged after the interview.

Other Utopian/Dystopian Literature

Thomas Morus „Utopia“ as an open source project:

Margaret Atwood „The Handmaid’s Tale“: